Riverside students witness science projects aboard SpaceX capsule launch to ISS

The team of 22 students, mostly high school juniors from Riverside Christian Schools, landed at Los Angeles International Airport exhausted, but proud after becoming the first U.S. students to witness firsthand their science projects blasted off into space.

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NanoRacks-Riverside Christian Schools-Bacteria Growth Experiment

To achieve long-term space travel, one needs to consider both health and sanitation issues.  The NanoRacks–Riverside Christian Schools–Bacteria Growth Experiment (NanoRacks-RCS–Bacteria Growth) provides insight as to the potential impact of microgravity on the growth cycle of bacteria.  Does microgravity change the nominal growth time cycle of E. coli bacteria as compared to what is normally experienced in Earth gravity?

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NanoRacks-Riverside Christian Schools-Battery Performance Experiment

Long-term space travel requires the use of medical and other devices that rely on small coin-cell size batteries as their power source.  NanoRacks–Riverside Christian Schools–Battery Performance Experiment (NanoRacks–RCS–Battery Performance) provides insight as to whether microgravity has an impact on the performance of current battery technology.  Specifically, does microgravity increase or decrease the useful life of a battery as compared to what is normally experienced in Earth gravity.

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RIVERSIDE: Students send science experiments to space station

Twenty-two Riverside high school students are part of the Applied Mathematics Science and Engineering program at Riverside Christian Schools in Riverside a program that gives them the opportunity to take what they learn in the classroom and apply it in a real-world science/engineering type experience.

RIVERSIDE: Students send science experiments to space
Microgravity Experiments in Space

 22 students from Riverside Christian Schools went to Florida to watch their experiments fly into space. The science and engineering team is one of seven schools to send experiments to the space station and they sent two.

Microgravity Experiments in Space